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At Optimum Health & Performance we bring to you over fifty years of private practice experience. We have the privilege of having a titled musculoskeletal and a titled sports physiotherapist as part of our team. All our clinicians bring a wide range of skills and experience contributing to a rich and well-resourced team able to offer you best care practice. We are passionate about ongoing learning in order to be leaders in our fields and provide you with the most current treatment.


We are driven by seeing our patients recovering from their injuries and ailments and returning to doing what they love and enjoying their life to the full, whether this be in sport, at school or at work. We believe in empowering our patients and equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to make meaningful changes to help them recover faster, regain better movement, better health and a better life.

Why chose us?

  • We will treat you as a person not the condition. We pride ourselves in offering you the most recent research based treatment options to help you recover from your injury.
  • We give you our time to get to know you and your history so that we can best cater to your personalised treatment plan and get you back to what you love doing
  • We listen to what you say and are asking for and take it all on board in order to best help you and get the best outcome for you.
  • We are a team of physiotherapists and allied health that will consult amongst ourselves and with the wider medical team in order to provide you with the best care
  • We are always learning and up skilling ourselves staying at the pointy edge of medical research and best practice
  • You will be getting value for your investment as we will be investing our time and knowledge in getting results
  • World class equipment and facilities to go along side our highly experienced team

Who are our clients?

  • Private patients
  • Referred from a doctor
  • Referred from a specialist
  • Referred by a friend
  • Passing by
  • Following a work injury – worker’s compensation
  • Following a car accident – third party insurance
  • Following a sporting injury
  • Patients with a Medicare care plan
  • Department of Veterans Affair (DVA) service man and women
accurate diagnosis at optimum health


Accurate Diagnosis

management plan at optimum health


Management Plan

treatment at optimum



great results at optimum


Great Results

What to expect from your first consult

✓Full history taking – getting to know you, everything around your injury from its onset, your management of it to present

✓Medical history taking – getting a clearer picture of your general health as this has a significant contribution to your healing and recovery rates

✓Functional examination – looking at how you move and how your injury affects this

✓Physical examination – a series of orthopaedic and neurological tests specific to your injury and body parts involved

✓Discussion – we will summarise our findings to you and in light of your history and examinations provide you with our provisional diagnosis and treatment plan

✓Treatment – this may come in various forms from pain relief, manual therapy, exercise prescription, and other modalities that your clinician will inform you of at the time

✓Re-assessment – looking at the effect treatment had on the key findings from your physical examination

✓Planning and goal setting – summarising all that was done and results from this first session, planning for the next sessions and giving you a clear plan with expectations on the recovery process.