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The knee joint is a simple joint that predominantly moves in two directions, bending and straightening. Above and below this joint are found two biomechanically complex joints, the hip joint that is a ball and socket joint, and the foot and ankle complex made up of many smaller bones and joints adapting to the ground and surfaces we stand, walk or run on. Should the knee be put under strain in other directions it can be injured. If this happens repeatedly over time you will encounter overuse type injuries.

Early diagnosis and determining reasons and cause to the pain will set you on the path of recovery allowing you to return to what you love doing sooner

Some of the knee presentations we manage

✓ ACL injuries
✓ PCL injuries
✓ MCL injuries
✓ LCL injuries
✓ Meniscus injuries
✓ Fat pad injuries
✓ Patellar dislocations
✓ Post-fractures of the tibia and patella
✓ Jumper’s knee
✓ Osgood Schlatter’s
✓ Sinding-Larsen-Johanson Syndrone
✓ Iliotibial band friction Syndrome

Management principles

  • Sports and functional modifications
  • Load modifications
  • Education on your condition, management and return to sport plan
  • Treat and relieve your symptoms
  • Retrain your functional movements
  • Maintain strength and conditioning of unaffected body areas
  • Appropriate graded strengthening exercises
  • Referral for further investigation or specialist second opinion as indicated
knee conditions