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Chronic Pain and Health Presentations

Chronic Pain and Health Presentations

Chronic pain and chronic health conditions are a very common problem we face in the community these days. This has significant repercussions on your mental health, physical health and your body’s ability to health and recover from injuries. There are multiple contributing factors and triggers to these presentations that all need to be identified and addressed systematically in order of importance to you and how these impact your ability to function in life and every day ‘joie de vivre’.

Injuries mis diagnosed, mis managed or simply persistent over months and years will lead to changes in your body at a structural level but also functional level whether this be neurological or systematic. If you get to that point you will need extra help to assist you in identifying the primary drivers of your presentation, give you management strategies to manage these, and guide you through your return to full function and health with clear and specific goals.

Our management principles within the medical and allied health team

  • Non pharmaceutical management of pain
  • Education on your condition, how this is impacting you and what is happening in your body
  • Prescription of individualised exercise program that can improve mood, promote wellbeing, and address co-morbidities associated with these chronic physical and mental health challenges
  • Interventions to address and manage physical triggers
  • Coaching you through self-management and promotion of healthy living and life-style modifications
  • Functional neurological rehabilitation and addressing any balance impairments in both younger and older population groups
  • Delivery of lifestyle, nutrition advice and exercise prescription program for healthy living and weight loss leading to improved confidence, self-image and increased recovery rates
  • Constant communication and interaction with all members of the medical team involved in your care
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