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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is commonly experienced and reported in both the general public and sporting population. It can be associated with trauma or can be non-traumatic and non-specific. Whether it is the first time you encounter neck pain or you have been experiencing neck pain for a while we will help you find the cause of your pain and manage it the right way.

Some of the common neck presentations we manage

✓ Whiplash
✓ Neck sprains
✓ Muscle strains
✓ Cervical disc pathologies
✓ Nerve root
✓ Cervicogenic headaches
✓ Post-concussion neck injuries
✓ Post-surgery – fusion, disc replacement, micro-discectomy
✓ Post fracture
✓ Scheuermann’s Disease
✓ Wry neck (Torticollis)

Management principles

  • Sports and functional modifications
  • Identify contributing factors – biological, social / sports / ergonomic, psychological
  • Education on your condition, management, and end result
  • Treat and relieve your symptoms
  • Retrain your functional movements
  • Appropriate strengthening exercises as indicated
  • Referral for further investigation or specialist second opinion as indicated
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