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Our children these days take part in a lot of out of school sporting activities or even just love to play with their friends. It is not uncommon for them to hurt themselves. The great thing with children is that they are all very flexible and growing continuously enabling their bodies to heal relatively quickly. There are however some conditions that are known as ‘growing pains’ or ‘growth related syndromes’ associated with children and young teenagers. These need early diagnosis and treatment in order to enable your child to either maintain their activities or return to doing what they love as soon as possible.

We love seeing the smiles of our young patients when they come in and are able to do more than what they did last week.

Some of the paediatric presentations we manage

✓ Sever’s disease
✓ Osgood Schlatter’s disease
✓ Sinding-Larsen-Johansson disease
✓ Scheuermann’s disease
✓ Osteochondritis dissecans
✓ Perthe’s disease
✓ Growth plate fractures
✓ Shin splints

Management principles

  • Sports and functional modifications
  • Load modifications
  • Educate parents and child / teenager on their condition, management and return to sport plan
  • Treat and relieve your symptoms
  • Retrain your functional movements
  • Maintain strength and conditioning of unaffected body areas
  • Appropriate graded strengthening exercises
  • Referral for further investigation or specialist second opinion as indicated
paediatric conditions