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Bone injuries come in multiple forms. This ranges from a bone stress injury where you will not have any disruption to the bone structure and seen most often in our growing youth, to bone bruising, stress fractures and various types of bone fractures. All fractures of suspicion of fractures should be seen too by your local doctor. While our staff are trained in acute care and assessment, if we suspect a bone injury we will either refer you to your local doctor or to get an x-ray.

Fractures that can be managed conservatively will be referred to us by your doctor for casting. We use synthetic casting material.

Casting material

Depending on the type of fracture we may apply a waterproof cast, allowing you to shower or get your body part wet, or a dry cast that you will be advised not to get wet.

Time in the cast

The amount of time that you will be in the cast will be determined by the extent of your injury, the type of fracture and the function of the body part you injured (e.g. is it a weight bearing bone or not).


We will provide you with very strict guidelines to keep your cast clean, your skin clean and avoid skin damage or infection and irritations.

Cast removal

At the end of your time in the cast the doctor will give us a referral to remove your cast. Once we have removed your cast you will then start your formal post fracture rehabilitation with us to enable you to regain functional use of your body part again.

If you have injured yourself and are not sure if you have broken a bone, give us a call and we will assess you and refer you to the appropriate service in order to help you heal effectively.