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senior fitness classes
pilates group classes
pilates group classes
pilates group classes

Group Classes

Group Exercise for over 55

Staying in shape and exercising is important, especially in an ageing body as it tends to become tighter, less flexible and more prone to a variety of problems such as; back pain, arthritis, shoulder, hip and knee aches.

Exercising is the best way to keep those problems at bay, build muscle and bone mass, increase energy levels and improve cardiovascular health.

If you are over 55, and want to improve your strength, balance and flexibility or want to stay active then Optimum Health and Performance is here for you. We are running Exercise Program Classes for over 55 to enhance your energy level, keep you healthy and possibly prevent and/or reduce some symptoms associated with ageing.

With a mix of light cardio and resistance training encompassing the lower and upper body regions, as well as balance and core exercises, our programs are designed to help you safely achieve your optimum level of fitness.

Start adding years to your life and live your years to the fullest by staying in shape and exercising with Optimum Health and Performance.

Pilates Class

Pilates is a physical fitness class, aimed to relax your tense muscles and provide strengthening to weak and injured muscles. Whether you participate in our individual or group classes, we promise to help you increase and maintain your strength and control of your body and prevent future injuries.

Balance Classes

Balance is a very important component of human movement. Whether you are at a young or or advanced in years, balance plays a critical role in your ability to function and interact with your environment. Without balance your confidence and independence reduces and you are at risk of injuring yourself or developing long term musculoskeletal and neurological complications.

We provide classes that will not only challenge you at your level but also assist you in regaining confidence in your movement, getting you back out there into the world trying new things or just getting back to what you love doing and enjoy your life again.

Strength and Conditioning Classes 

Our strength & conditioning classes are done either one on one, in small groups or medium size groups for sporting teams. We have the amazing facilities and equipment to cater for your needs. You will first be asked to fill out a questionnaire giving us information on your past history and involvement in activity, your medical history and health, and your goals. You will then be assessed by us and an individualised program drawn up for you. You will then be given a plan with the frequency and duration of your classes.

Come in and join the fun. Your fitter, stronger and fun future starts now.


Our kids classes are designed for school aged children with no more than 10 students in each class. Our classes run in 10 week terms.  We are offering an introductory price for our first term. Only $100.00 ($10 per session). 

Optimum Health and Performance are passionate about achieving fitness and health through exercise especially for kids! We love seeing their personal development and instilling in them at a young age, the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the massive benefits of exercise whilst having FUN!!!