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Injury Screening

Our team of experienced Physiotherapists can perform injury screening to identify signs of an injury before it develops.

We use specific tests based on your chosen sport to analyse your body’s movements to determine weakness, imbalances or a lack of joint range. Screening can also help to plan further training and enhance the effectiveness of sessions.

How does it work?

Screening looks at the body’s movements that may be required for particular sports and compares your capabilities in reference to where someone of your gender, age, size and shape should be. At Optimum Health & Performance, our tests are derived by obtaining information from sporting institutes and national sporting leagues on their injury rates.

We combine this with our experience in the field of sports physiotherapy to develop tests that are specific for your sport.

What tests are used?

  • Palpation of areas of common injuries
  • Strength tests
  • Flexibility tests
  • Muscle control tests
  • Co-ordination tests
  • Balance tests

Why be screened?

Almost all elite sporting clubs now screen their players to detect injuries early and prevent them occurring.

Screening is useful if you:

  • Are prone to injuries
  • Have an injury you haven’t been able to shake or fix completely
  • Have had surgery
  • Have sustained an injury that put you on crutches
  • Are in a sling, or have previously needed a sling
  • Have a growing body

Screening is conducted at Optimum Health & Performance by our Physiotherapists and/or our Strength & Conditioning Coaches.

We have specific screening for different sports. Call us now to talk about we can assist you.