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Kinesio® Tape

At Optimum Health & Performance, we regularly use Kinesio® Tape on our patients. Some of our physiotherapists and massage therapists have completed certified courses with Kinesio® Taping Australia.

Kinesio® taping is a unique therapeutic taping technique. It was developed by Dr Kenzo Kase in 1979 as a treatment to enhance the function of different tissues and physiological systems with both immediate and longer term effects.

Kinesio® Tape utilises a very specific taping method.  The tape is generally very well tolerated by patients, made of 100% cotton with a weight, thickness, stretch and recoil similar to skin, and a medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive.  It has a wide range of applications and uses including orthopaedic and neuromuscular conditions.

What is Kinesio® Tape used for?

The application allows for normal movement whilst providing support and stability to muscles and joints   

Kinesio® Tape is used to offload tissues, reduce inflammation, facilitate healing and reduce pain   

It can be used to inhibit/‘turn off’ tight or overused muscles or facilitate/‘turn on‘ weak muscles

Conditions/areas that Kinesio Tape ® is beneficial for

  • Muscle imbalance and/or weakness
  • Limited joint movement due to muscle spasm/guarding
  • Support of ligaments and tendons
  • Orthopaedic conditions – patella maltracking, tendinopathy, bursitis
  • Postural insufficiency and misalignment
  • Pathological movement patterns
  • Fascial adhesions/scars
  • Circulation and lymphatic conditions
  • Neurological conditions
  • Paediatric conditions – torticollis, talipes
  • Pregnancy/women’s health conditions – linea alba separation, mastitis
  • Respiratory conditions- diaphragm, rib stability, nasal passage