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Optimum Health and Performance is committed to making each individual the healthiest version of themselves. Our onsite Pilates studio provides our clients with an alternative to high impact gym training. Under the expert guidance of our Pilates instructor, you will be guided through a personally tailored program at your own pace and fitness level to ensure you get the most you can out of each session. You don’t need to be an existing client to attend, our classes are open to anybody who would like to gain the fitness benefits that Pilates offers. 

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact exercise that is used to target muscles for not only strengthening, but also endurance and flexibility. By emphasising the importance of postural control and correct muscle recruitment patterns, Pilates targets each muscle to perform the way they were intended. Significant emphasis is placed on core stability and control and as such provides a stable base to exercise at your desired effort. Each exercise can be tailored to your specific level giving you an easy, moderate or difficult work out based on your desired intensity.

By strengthening muscles in an ideal posture and improving flexibility, Pilates is the perfect program for rehabilitation, as well as injury prevention in otherwise healthy individuals.

What equipment will you use?

At Optimum Health and Performance, you will have access to the highly regarded Pilates reformer. Programs may also incorporate other equipment such as resistance bands, mats, weights, balls, the spine corrector and various other training devices to ensure a well-rounded program specific to your needs.