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Chronic Pain Management

Physiotherapists play a leading role in assisting people to live with chronic pain. We see people at any age and at any functional level to assist them to reduce pain, improve quality of life and prevent acute and sub acute painful conditions developing into chronic pain.

Physiotherapists will apply the biopsychosocial approach, using a holistic method to educate and empower the individual to take control and self manage their pain. Our skills include accurate diagnosis, manual therapy, activity modification, exercise prescription, dry needling and education on pain and pathology.

For those with chronic pain, we would try where possible to work as part of a multidisciplinary team (including psychology and medical staff) to assist people to improve their quality of life by increasing their level of activity and participation in the community. We would also encourage education of family, significant others, employers and other healthcare providers to get the most out of their rehabilitation into the community.

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