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Concussions are a mild traumatic brain injury that can occur following a direct trauma to the head or any other body part leading to a translation force transmitted to the brain that undergoes a displacement within the skull. This can result in physical trauma to the brain tissue but is often not associated with structural brain damage. It is known as a functional brain injury.

Symptoms are widespread and can overlap with those symptoms of a whiplash leading to a misdiagnosis. Research shows that there is an estimated fifty percent of concussions gone undiagnosed. The great news is that while this is a serious injury involving the brain and the central nervous system, early diagnosis and management will lead to prompt recovery within weeks enabling effective return to learn, work and play.

Failure to recognise and manage concussion early can lead to post-concussion syndrome which can last for months and even years.

We have highly trained clinicians experienced in the diagnosis and management of concussions who will help you with early testing, assessment and current evidence based treatment of your concussion to ensure you return to doing what you love safely and in a timely manner.

Our management principles

  • Early testing and assessment
  • Communication with your nominated treating doctor
  • Treatment of your concussion injury
  • Regular testing – neurological, physical, and cognitive tests
  • Passing clearing tests will progress you through the rehabilitation phases
  • Safe return to learn, work, and play programs
  • Discharge
concussion conditions