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Foot and Ankle

Foot and Ankle

Ankle sprains are very common both in the sporting population and those who do not play sports. These can also be associated with bone injuries. Early assessment and diagnosis will enable you to get a very specific treatment plan and set your goals to be able to get back to sport, work and every day life quickly as well as reduce you changes of having a repeat of the same injury. Treatment and rehabilitation of the ankle needs to be specific and thorough and followed through right too the end in order to have a successful outcome.

Foot pain and injuries can be subtle, come on after an incident, or gradually. Assessment and investigation is key because of the complexity of the biomechanics in the foot and the number of structures there that may be cause or at the source of the pain. Both our physiotherapists and podiatrists are well experienced in assessment and managing foot and ankle pain and injuries.

Some of the foot and ankle presentations we manage

✓ Ankle sprains
✓ High ankle sprains – syndesmosis injuries
✓ Talar dome and talus bony injuries
✓ Avulsion fractures
✓ Achilles’ tendon injuries
✓ Sever’s disease
✓ Shin splints
✓ Sinus tarsi injuries
✓ Tarsal tunnel injuries
✓ Nerve related injuries
✓ Turf toe
✓ Lisfranc injury
✓ Morton’s neuroma
✓ Plantar fasciitis
✓ Post-surgery rehabilitation
✓ Post-fracture rehabilitation

Management principles

  • Sports and functional modifications
  • Load modifications
  • Education on your condition, management and return to sport plan
  • Treat and relieve your symptoms
  • Retrain your functional movements
  • Maintain strength and conditioning of unaffected body areas
  • Appropriate graded strengthening exercises
  • Referral for further investigation or specialist second opinion as indicated
foot and ankle conditions