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The Spine

The Spine

The spine is a very delicate but strong structure in the human body. It houses part of the central nervous system, the spinal cord and nerve roots. In addition, the spine also provides skeletal and structural alignment to the human body. It is the attachment point of numerous muscles and other soft tissues.

Numerous conditions and presentations involve the spine and require specific assessment and management.

 Some of the presentations we manage

✓ Sprains and strains
✓ Wry neck (Torticollis)
✓ Rib joint sprains
✓ Scoliosis
✓ Ankylosing spondylitis
✓ Disc related pain
✓ Nerve root entrapment
✓ Degenerative changes
✓ Sciatica
✓ Referred pain
✓ Cord compression symptoms
✓ Post-surgery – fusion, disc replacement, micro-discectomy
✓ Post-fracture
✓ Scheuermann’s Disease

Management principles

  • Sports and functional modifications
  • Identify contributing factors – biological, social / sports / ergonomic, psychological
  • Education on your condition, management and end result
  • Treat and relieve your symptoms
  • Retrain your functional movements
  • Appropriate strengthening exercises as indicated
  • Referral for further investigation or specialist second opinion as indicated
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