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Exercise Physiology

Exercise is one of the best known forms of medicine use for a very long time. We believe that physical activity is such an important aspect of regaining and maintaining physical and mental health. This will enable you to be more productive, more effective, happier and able to enjoy life and those around you.

We will provide you with the information you require to support you and carry out meaningful changes in your life in order to improve you physical and mental health. We are committed to helping you achieve healthy outcomes, independence and an overall improved quality of life.

Our accredited clinical exercise physiologist will work closely with you and your treating physiotherapist and doctor providing you with a personalised exercise program to help you manage or even prevent injuries, chronic and complex health and life-style conditions.

An Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist will help you with:

    ✓ Rehabilitation, strength and conditioning post-surgery

    ✓ Rehabilitation, strengthening and functional retraining for safe return to work

    ✓ Managing your persistent pain

    ✓ Improving your functional balance and confidence

    ✓ Improving your cardiovascular health

    ✓ Improving your respiratory health

    ✓ Assistance with diabetes management

    ✓ Weight goals management

Some of the presentations we manage

✓ Asthma

✓ Chronic respiratory diseases

✓ Cardiovascular disease

✓ Diabetes

✓ Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis

✓ Osteoporosis

✓ Cancer pain

✓ Stress and anxiety

✓ Depression

✓ Post stroke and other neurological conditions

✓ Post-surgery rehabilitation

✓ Return to work rehabilitation