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Bracing is a therapy option that we sometimes recommend to our patients when they’ve experienced an injury or suffer from a chronic condition that requires extra support for their joints or limbs.

Bracing can help keep your joints moving naturally and help prevent injury. For those who have sustained previous injuries, a brace can provide added support and stabilisation so you can return to sports or work, accomplish everyday tasks without pain or weakness. Apart from the physical benefits, the right brace can also give you the confidence to move more freely, without the worry of hurting yourself again.

Not all braces are designed for the same purpose, when considering a brace, fit is important but so is making sure that you get the right brace to address your injury and that the design works for you.

The right brace will help with proper joint alignment, support your injured area and/or help restrict movement that could further injure you or cause you pain.  Our team are here to identify the best bracing options for your condition, as well as measure and fit your brace appropriately.

We’ll make sure you have the optimal support you need.